About Us

Our Purpose

Our mission is to show you how stunning Andalucia is, and why we love it so much whilst making it as easy and simple for you to explore as possible by sharing our knowledge as locals, tourists and citizens.

By increasing the attention to these less known and less reachable locations people can gain a more authentic Andalusian experience and immerse themselves in the richly diverse landscape and history available.

Our History

The best way for us to explain our history is to tell you about us.

We are a family of three.

Lee. I am a qualified Mountain Bike Leader and Guide. I love being outside and hold a strong belief that humans are happiest in nature. 

Cycling has been a passion since I was a child, from competing in the 'Tour de Knebworth' events organised and participated in by me and my mates to working in bike shops later in life.

I have been guiding and working in the active tourism market in Spain since 2020 working with local families and businesses.

Anabel. Born and raised in a white village in Spain, I know first-hand what these towns have to offer and how anyone can enrich their lives by experiencing them.

These towns no matter how big or how small, all have fascinating stories to tell.

Hugo. (He will tell you more once he is old enough to do so).

Our Offer

Active tourism.

Active tours consist of walking and cycling to and from white villages exploring the villages themselves and or the countryside around them either self-guided or using our qualified guides. 

Clarity. We aim to provide clear and understandable information and expectations from start to finish and only give good surprises.