Cancellation Policy

White Village Tours cancellation policies

As part of our offer, we aim to simplify and clarify our products and conditions. Below you will find our cancellation policy for our tours and day trips. 

A deposit of at least 50% of the total cost will be required before any tour or product is confirmed. 

Day Tours

Multi Day Tours

Note: Future credit does not expire and the value will remain the same but tour costs may differ in the future and additional fees may be required. 

Custom trips may include a different cancellation policy and the details of such terms will be provided on a product-to-product basis but will be communicated before any payment is made.

In the very unlikely event, that we have to cancel your tour, you will receive a full refund or credit. In the event of cancellation, White Village Tours is not responsible for any loss from non-refundable travel costs.

There are no exceptions to this policy including but not limited to, personal emergencies, terrorism, natural disasters and severe weather conditions. 

Any cancellation must be made in writing to


Pedal Cover

We have teamed up with Pedal Cover Insurance to offer our UK-based customers a 10% discount on selected insurance policies. Visit and apply the discount code WhiteVillage10

*This code will apply to Cycling Travel Insurance and also Dedicated Bike Only Insurance (but not combined home and bike policies). 

We encourage customers to research and make an independent decision on cycle tour insurance