Classification Guide

Our classification guide will help you determine which route you feel will best suit you. We have tried to make it as simple as possible by using as few metrics as possible. Any queries you still may have feel free to contact us.

Flat or downhill routes, usually less than 30km in distance and less than 300m in ascents.

Mostly flat or down hill routes, which can be slightly longer than an easy route, but usually less then 40km in distance and 600m in ascents.

For those that cycle frequently with a moderate level of fitness. Routes usually less than 50km in distance and up to 1000m in ascents.

Those that fit the features of a moderate rider but want a challenge. Routes are usually less than 50km still but over 1000m of ascents.

For fit cyclists who have some experience of long-distance riding with climbs. Routes are usually over 50km in length and over 1000m of ascents.